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Make your computer and mobile OS error-free with tech support from Techguru247.com

Though it is difficult to describe the term operating system, OS is basically what guides your software applications. It is by virtue of this OS that the applications like the word processor, email or games run in a proper way. In spite of the presence of a variety of OS, it has become synonymous with Mac OS.
An improper updating of the operating system leads to a threat to the security system of the computers as, it offers a hindrance in the way of the patches introduced by the apple.

What do we offer?

Following is a list of our specific areas of work that we cover under updating computer operating system and providing desktop and laptop support:

Mac OS installation and configuration
We have decades of experience working with all types of Apple Macintosh computers, from Power Macs to MacBook Pros to iMacs. If you have a busted screen, or you suspect something even more nefarious is afoot with your computer, let us take a look before you write it off.
Application support for Apple Software, Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, etc

Our Skils

  • Antivirus Support - 95%
  • OS Support - 90%
  • Peripheral Support - 92%
  • E-mail Solution - 83%
  • PC Optimizer - 91%
  • Browser help and support - 97%

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  • Ronnie K

    (Woodstock, Georgia)

    TechGuru247 Tech Support was able to fix my computer and make it go a lot faster right away. They‘re able to take care of my technical problems efficiently and quickly. Usually within 24 hours.

  • Preeti Singh

    Nancy R,

    (Washington, DC)

    I trust TechGuru247 to keep my digital life secured. Thank you for this wonderful and easy to use solution.